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World Water Day and Aguardio birthday

Today is a very special day at Aguardio. We celebrate World Water Day 🌍💧 The 2019 World Water Day theme is “Leaving no one behind”. At Aguardio we love water and we want to help save it. Actually, we have been saving water with our Aguardio solution for exactly two years today. Reaching this milestone has led us to think about what we have accomplished so far.

Two years ago, on March 22nd, 2017, Aguardio was founded by Thomas and Niels-Arne 🇩🇰🎊🎁🎂 Since the beginning things have been busy. We have developed the Aguardio solution which helps to save resources – all for the benefit of the environment and currently, we are installing Aguardio at hotels around Europe.

Our mission has been the same for the past two years: to reduce water consumption by supporting, improving and developing sustainable behaviour. And the journey has just begun. Happy World Water Day! 🌍💧