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Smart Water Solutions for Hospitality & Tourism

Save costs and resources and create a positive green experience

Aguardio reduces shower water usage by 21% in hospitality accommodations as well as helps you detect up to 20% of the many leaking toilets, lowering costs and environmental impact while attracting eco-conscious guests and differentiating your business in a competitive market

Smart Water Solutions for Hospitality & Tourism

Enhance guest experience and customer satisfaction

Aguardio’s innovative sensor solutions empower guests to manage their water usage and enjoy an interactive experience, while making a positive impact on the planet. Accommodations equipped with Aguardio are highly rated by guests due to their eco-friendly initiatives, according to tourism surveys.

Scientifically proven to change hotel guests’ water use behaviour


reduction in shower duration in hotels across seven countries


4.44 m3 or 4440 litres

of water savings per room/year

0.19 MWh energy + 33 Kg CO2

savings per room/year

A simple way to lower utility bills & carbon emissions

Aguardio’s cutting-edge technology helps you cut down on water usage and costs, as well as reduce energy bills and carbon emissions associated with energy-intensive activities like hot showers. Aguardio’s data-driven Leak Sensor helps you detect up to 20% of the many leaking toilets, avoid unexpected utility costs, and optimise building operations. 

Earn points for green building certifications & attract new eco-conscious customers

Aguardio’s data dashboard provides access to valuable water usage data from your customers’ bathrooms, letting you optimise the supply and distribution of water, reduce water loss, and minimise costs. Aguardio’s actionable bathroom data can also be easily leveraged for building optimization & facility management.

Enable sustainable cleaning practices

Monitor toilet flushing data with Aguardio’s leak sensor to identify water-saving opportunities. For example, hotel cleaning staff typically flush toilets 5 times during cleaning, but this can be reduced to 2-3 times. Save water, reduce costs, and demonstrate environmental commitment with Aguardio.

Aguardio is Trusted by Some Fantastic Hospitality Businesses

Hotel Spero

Drive customer satisfaction and achieve your water conservation goals by implementing Aguardio’s smart water solutions