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Smart Water Solutions for Student Accommodations

Maximize savings, compliance, and sustainability on campus

Aguardio’s water sensors cut student shower time up to 33%, detects up to 20% of leaking toilets, encourage sustainability, and enhance cost savings, environmental stewardship, and compliance efforts

“University of Surrey”

Reduce students’ shower water consumption up to 33% and lower your utility bills

Students, like others in the same age group,  take longer showers on average, making Aguardio a practical and efficient solution for campuses to encourage sustainability among students, save water and energy costs. 

Aguardio scientifically proven to cut students’ showering time at a major UK university




reduction in shower duration achieved with Aguardio’s solution

Embrace sustainability and gain recognition for it

By using Aguardio sensors in student accommodations you reduce your carbon footprint, conserve water, and set an example for future generations. Your commitment to environmental stewardship earns you points towards essential green certifications, allowing you to stand out among other universities.

Water conservation compliance made easy

Installing Aguardio’s water-saving sensors helps you meet mandatory water conservation regulations set by cities and municipalities. By reducing water consumption in bathrooms, your university can avoid costly fines and penalties while promoting sustainable practices.

Leading Universities are involved in further developing Aguardio's solutions

Drive water conservation and reduce energy costs on your campus by implementing Aguardio’s smart water solutions