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Smart Water Solutions for Water Utilities

Decrease daily water consumption and empower water conservation

As freshwater resources dwindle, water utilities must manage demand while conserving water. Aguardio offers a simple solution to analyse domestic water usage and to reduce water consumption while also influencing water-conserving behaviour among customers

Smart Water Solutions for Water Utilities
Aguardio Shower Sensor Water Saving Solution

An easy way to reduce daily water consumption by 24-60+ litres/person/day

Aguardio has been proven to reduce shower time in housing complexes by up to 33% or by ~2-3 minutes, which translates to savings of 36 litres/person/day on average assuming a 12 litres/minute showerhead. By implementing Aguardio’s shower sensors in your customers’ homes, you have a simple and effective solution to meet daily water consumption reduction mandates.

Aguardio sensors cut water waste & consumption in a Danish housing complex

Aguardio Shower Sensor


reduction in shower duration with Aguardio Shower Sensors

Aguardio Toilet Leak Sensor


of toilets found to be leaking with Aguardio’s Leak Sensors


68% of Britons say they are willing to reduce the amount of water they use at home to help protect the environment

Increase customer satisfaction by helping your customers save money

By offering Aguardio’s solutions to your customers, you can help them save money on water and energy bills, while also preventing unexpected high bills due to undetected toilet leaks. Empowering your customers to take control of their water usage and reduce waste with Aguardio can boost customer satisfaction and build trust in your utility company

Smart Water Solutions for Water Utilities​

Data-driven insights to optimise resources

Aguardio’s data dashboard provides access to valuable water usage data from your customers’ homes, letting you optimise the supply and distribution of water to meet varying needs, conserve water resources, reduce water loss, and minimise costs. The dashboard also helps you identify opportunities for capacity expansion and maintenance and comply with water use and conservation regulations.

Aguardio is Trusted by Some Fantastic Water Utilities

Southern Water

Drive customer satisfaction and achieve your water conservation goals by implementing Aguardio’s smart water solutions