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Smart Water Solutions for Housing Associations

Enhance tenant satisfaction, promote sustainability, and raise business value

Aguardio’s water-saving solutions for housing complexes cut shower water consumption up to 33% and detect the many leaking toilets (often 10-20% or more), lowering utility costs for tenants, increasing their satisfaction, and positively impacting your business value and reputation

Make any bathroom eco-friendly without major renovations or installations

Aguardio’s water sensors can be installed in minutes and function independently of bathroom fixtures, which means they can easily be installed in any new or existing building without the need for major renovations to accelerate your sustainability initiatives. 

Aguardio sensors reduce water waste & consumption in a Danish housing complex


reduction in shower duration in hotels across seven countries


toilets found to be leaking


of bathrooms saved from mould-related renovations, each costing €800-2000, per year

Housing complex nominated as Finalist for Vejle Climate Prize

Increase tenant satisfaction

Enhance your tenants’ living experience by installing Aguardio’s water-saving sensors in their homes. Help them reduce water and energy expenses, prevent high bills from undetected toilet leaks, and improve their satisfaction and trust, elevating your housing complex’s reputation and value.

Earn recognition for your sustainable practices

Installing Aguardio’s smart water solutions helps you gain green certifications, raising your building’s value, attracting more eco-conscious residents, and setting an example for other property owners in the community.

Aguardio is Trusted by Sustainability-focused Housing Complexes

Learn more about Aguardio’s smart water solutions drive satisfaction and conservation for sustainable housing complexes