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Advanced IoT Sensor Technology meets Smart Data Analytics

Aguardio Leak Sensor

Detect leaking toilets, avoid unexpected utility costs, and optimise building renovations & operations with Aguardio’s data-driven Leak Sensor

Aguardio Leak Sensor

Often 10-20% or more leaking toilets are detected in buildings
Fixing just one leaking toilet saves*:


200 - 400 Litres

of water per day

€270 to €1,076

per toilet per year


2000 - 146,000 Litres

of water per year

According to US sources, 20% of toilets leak 
Estimates may vary depending on the toilet and water prices in your country/region

Easy placement—building owners can place sensors themselves! 

The placement process of the Leak Sensor is extremely easy and will literally take you a minute. Simply connect the unit to the toilet water inlet pipe with a plastic tie, and you are good to go. With wall-mounted toilets the sensor is installed on the water inlet pipe behind the push-plate, which often takes 3-6 minutes. The sensor works best when placed on a metal part. Always press the small button on the side of the Leak Sensor at the end of each installation to ensure activation of the sensor. 

Catches even the most difficult-to-detect leaks

Don’t let hidden leaks go undetected. Aguardio’s advanced leak detection technology can identify even elusive leaks, detecting water flow as low as 3 litres per hour that may not even be visible in the toilet pan. Leaks up to 11 litres/hour most often can not be seen or heard. Undetected toilet leaks can cost a fortune, particularly since leaks are often only discovered when there is a significant increase in the water bill. For various reasons, individuals such as home owners/tenants and service professionals often may not react to even visible toilets leaks – but a nudge from a beeping sensor or via data can help change this! 

Data-driven insights for building facilities management & renovations

Access valuable flushing data to optimize preventive maintenance and cleaning schedules for your buildings’ bathrooms:

The Leak Sensor can detect a constant water flow in the toilet pan and identify leaks as small as 3 litres/hour, these are most often invisible to the naked eye and cannot be heard. The sensor has been tested by Teknologisk Institut, the leading independent test institute in Denmark.

When used without connectivity, the Leak Sensor functions as a stand-alone device and emits an alarm when it detects a leak. The alarm can be silenced for about 24 hours (depending on the size of the leak) by pressing the small button on the side.

When used with connectivity, the Leak Sensor sends toilet usage data to a centralised dashboard, allowing building owners and managers to monitor and analyse leaks, flushing data, and temperatures (both ambient and on the pipe). This data can be integrated into other systems through an Open API.

The Leak Sensor is designed to have a long lasting battery: approximately 10 years under normal use.


"There have of course been questions from residents about why we need to install these sensors - but I also find that many have started to think more about how they use water. So am I myself"

Celina Sørensen
Chairman, Fårup and Højager college Departmental Board,
Jelling Boligselskab, part of DOMEA

reduced showertime


of toilets found to be leaking

Another Way to Save Water with Aguardio


savings on shower water wastage

Aguardio Shower Sensor

Shower Sensor

The Aguardio Shower Sensor has been proven to reduce shower time, helping to save water, energy and money.

Aguardio Shower Sensor

Join us in creating a more sustainable future.

See how Aguardio smart leak sensors can start saving you money and improve your facilities’ operations efficiency