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Aguardio Interactive IoT Sensors

Digitalize Bathrooms
in Minutes

An instant green upgrade for bathrooms: Reduce shower water consumption by up to 30% and detect leaking toilets to save water & energy, save money on utility bills, and live more sustainably. Optimize buildings with the unique data!


savings on hot shower water

This is how Aguardio transforms bathrooms & businesses into sustainable spaces

Instant savings on water & energy

Shower time reduced by up to 30 % & 275 l H2O on average saved per 1 leaky toilet with easy installation & no need to change current bathroom fixtures
Aguardio’s smart IoT sensors deliver significant cost savings on utility bills & help avoid huge unexpected water bills with fast payback and return on your investment, often within just 3-10 months (based on data from UK & North/West Europe).

Valuable points for building certifications

Aguardio solutions enable building owners to earn points towards building certifications such as DGNB, BREEAM, LEED and more
Aguardio’s smart interactive IoT sensors and unique data can help building owners monitor and optimize buildings. The sensors also easily integrate with smart building systems, help lower carbon emissions, significantly reduce water & energy usage as well as monitor health of the bathroom and prevent mould & excess humidity to prevent frequent renovations.

Positive nudging & experience

Aguardio creates lasting behavior change, enhances bathroom experience & strengthens customer’s sustainability experience in the bathroom
Aguardio’s sensors offer an interactive and positive experience through nudging & interactive data for guests, customers, and students staying in hotels, housing complexes, tourism facilities and student accommodations. This also gives users a sense of responsibility and community around sustainability. The interactive green experience can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Clever data

Aguardio collects actionable bathroom data directly online that can be easily leveraged for building optimization, facility management & behavioural changes
Collects and presents bathroom usage data in a clear actionable format that helps organizations optimize maintenance schedules, prevents unnecessary renovations & monitor health of the bathroom via usage patterns, toilet leak development & monitoring of humidity and temperature.

Aguardio: Advanced Technology Meets Simplicity

Effortlessly Reduce Water Consumption and Save Big on Bills & Renovation Costs

Installation is easy, fast & can be carried out as DIY

  • Can be placed in any bathroom with no need to perform renovations or make changes to existing bathroom fixtures
  • Easily sends bathroom data to the cloud using mobile phone networks
  • Can be integrated with smart building systems

Data is collected directly online & presented in an easy to understand way

  • Can be used for improving building maintenance, cleaning and renovation decisions, prevention of mould & monitoring of leaking toilets and estimating the number of toilet flushes
  • Data is easily accessible via Aguardio HUB or API
  • Helps to save water, energy & increase guests’ satisfaction

Aguardio Shower Sensor

Aguardio Shower Sensor
nudging to save water-01

Gentle nudging & data creates lasting behaviuor changes through shorter showering time, stronger sustainability focus & enhanced bathroom experience


Monitors humidity & temperature in bathrooms to prevent mould and avoid expensive renovation costs

Aguardio Leak Sensor

super fast result-01

Instantly saves water, helps to avoid unexpected water bills & makes toilet maintenance easy and data-driven via monitoring of number of flushes and analysis of leak development


Detects leaks from 3 litre/hour (based on data from independent test). Leaks up to 11 litre/hour most often are not visible to the human eye


of household water is consumed in the bathroom*

The Greatest Opportunities for Saving Water and Energy Can Be Found in the Bathroom

Did you know that bathroom water usage accounts for a significant portion of overall water consumption in households, and heating bathroom water alone contributes to a substantial amount of carbon emissions?
With Aguardio’s water-saving solutions, you can upgrade any bathroom into a water-efficient system, minimizing waste and consumption. Our innovative technology is designed to help building owners save both water and energy, while contributing to a sustainable future. Make a significant impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing Aguardio today.

Why Businesses & Institutions Love Aguardio

Up to 30%

reduction in shower water consumption

10-20% +

of toilets found to be leaking


valuable data for analysis

Discover How Aguardio’s Solutions Can Benefit Your Organisation


Hotel & Tourism




"There have of course been questions from residents about why we need to install these sensors - but I also find that many have started to think more about how they use water. So am I myself"

Celina Sørensen
Chairman, Fårup and Højager college Departmental Board,
Jelling Boligselskab, part of DOMEA

reduced showertime


of toilets found to be leaking

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