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Case Story

Showering Smartly in Student Accomodations

Aguardio’s Shower Sensor motivates University of Surrey students to cut shower time by 33%

Jason Hawkes/University of Surrey


Concerned about the high water and energy consumption in student accommodations due to prolonged showering, a behavioural intervention using Aguardio’s shower sensor and persuasive messaging was conducted at University of Surrey. The study aimed to explore the effectiveness of the intervention in encouraging pro-environmental shower behaviour among students over a period of 5 months.


Students spend more time showering than other age groups (often on average between 9-12 minutes), which contributes to increased water and energy consumption in student accommodations.

Moreover, traditional methods of encouraging behaviour change, such as signs or posters, may not be effective in the long term.


Aguardio’s shower sensors combined with pro-environment messaging reduced students’ average showering time by 33% or by approximately 3 minutes, demonstrating the effectiveness of using Aguardio’s shower technology and persuasive messaging in encouraging pro-environmental shower behaviour among students.

By implementing Aguardio’s shower sensor, student accommodations can reduce their water and energy consumption and contribute to pro-environmental behaviour among their residents.




reduction in shower duration with Aguardio + pro-environment messaging in bathrooms, where Aguardio was installed

Estimated Impact:

Assumptions: District heating: 458 gCO2e/litre, Oil burner: 789 gCO2e/litre, Gas: 183 gCO2e/litre, and Power: 450 gCO2e/litre

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