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Advanced IoT Sensor Technology meets Smart Data Analytics

Aguardio Hygiene Sensor

Offers precise and cost-effective remote monitoring of water pipe temperatures and water activity using an innovative algorithm, effectively supporting control measures and mitigating the risk of Legionella.

UK Fire and Rescue Services Reduce Legionella Risk
with Aguardio Hygiene Sensors in 50 Locations

£40,000 per year saved on maintenance

Automatically organised & visualised temperature data

Alerts to prompt action for ensuring optimal water safety

Effortless sensor placement with no changes required to existing water systems

Aguardio Hygiene Sensor not only optimises resource usage but also prioritises the well-being and safety of users, setting a new standard for reducing Legionella risk. It is a highly cost-effective and innovative solution with up to 5 years of battery life and minimal operating costs. The placement process is very easy, taking only a minute to install, and it can be seamlessly integrated into existing water systems without cutting or altering pipes or establishing new electrical connections.

Prevents Legionella and ensures water safety

  • Proactive solution that provides essential measurement features, including ambient and pipe temperature monitoring & water usage frequency tracking for mitigating potential health hazards with no need for extra personnel
  • Remote interface for accurate monitoring due to its innovative algorithm and temperature measuring capabilities
  • The sensor monitors usage or flush intervals in water outlets like sinks, washbasins, and toilets to identify usage patterns and detect stagnant water
  • Better reporting practices with fewer mistakes

Automated Organisation and Visualisation of Temperature and Water Activity Data

Ensure reliable detection of temperature fluctuations and indications to prompt appropriate action, minimising the impact of any deviations on water safety in your facility:

Another Way to Optimise Your Building's Facility Management

15 -20%

leaking toilets detected in buildings on average

Leak Sensor

The Aguardio Leak Sensor detects and prevents toilet leaks and provides valuable toilet usage data for facilities planning.

Join us in creating a more sustainable future.

See how Aguardio smart sensors can start saving you money and improve your facilities’ operations efficiency