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Aguardio Case Studies

See how Aguardio’s water-saving solutions promote sustainable water-use behaviours and save water, energy, and money while also preventing Legionella

Showering Smartly in Tourism Accomodations Case Study

Showering Smartly in Tourism Accomodations:

‘Aguardio’s innovative Shower Sensor and persuasive messages reduce hotel guests’ shower time by 21% in multiple countries

Showering Smartly in Student Accomodations:

Aguardio’s Shower Sensor motivates University of Surrey students to cut shower time by 33%

Sjælland Housing Case Study

Save on Water and energy in Housing Complexes

Aguardio’s solutions result in a 33% reduction in shower time and detect 17.3% of toilets that were leaking for residents of Jelling Boligselskab (part of DOMEA) in Denmark

Detect toilet leaks in Housing Complexes

Aguardio leak sensors to save a minimum 30 million liters of water, equivalent to savings of EUR 270,000 or DKK 2 million annually, for residents of Denmark’s fourth-largest housing company

Monitor Legionella in Fire Stations

Aguardio Hygiene Sensors provide an innovative solution for monitoring Legionella disease in several UK Fire & Rescue Stations

Join the growing list of sustainable businesses saving water, energy, and money with Aguardio’s smart water devices