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Showering Smartly. A Field Experiment Using Water-saving Technology to Foster Pro-environmental Behaviour among Hotel Guests

Aguardio has been part of a research project conducted by Pablo Pereira-Doel of Surrey University documenting that hotel guests’ behaviour is critical to reducing water depletion, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In this covert field experiment, we assessed the effectiveness of real-time feedback provided by smart water-saving technology in fostering hotel guests to shorten their showers. A 12,06% reduction in showering time (N=1,962) confirms that real-time feedback is effective in eliciting pro-environmental behaviour, even in hedonic contexts. Moreover, results suggest that even with no real-time feedback, the regular shower in a hotel may be shorter than at home. Tourism can be a force for good and the use of technology can shape pro-environmental behaviour among the public.