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A tech-tastic hotel industry

With a new year upon us it is time to reflect on some of the 2018 highlights. And what better way to start than by focusing on the technological development seen in the hotel industry. As our previous blog post explained, the hotel industry has been expanding the last couple of years due to an increased number of tourists, but the growing competition also means that hotels have to think differently to maintain customers. In order for the hotel industry to meet future technological wishes and expectations from hotel guests – and especially the millennium generation – some hotels have been implementing new technologies in 2018 to stand out from the rest of the industry. And let’s take a look at some of the new solutions.

No need for personal contact

The future hotel stay no longer consists of a welcoming hotel staff at the counter waiting to check you in and tell you all about the hotel facilities and opportunities. In 2018 hotels such as Hilton and Marriott tested a technological mobile solution from where you can complete the check-in process before arriving at the hotel. The solution provides you with an online mobile key to your room and if you need help from the staff you just send them a text. The future hotel makes it easy for the guest to arrive and stay at the hotel, but at the same time with minimal human contact.

The future hotel rooms

The future hotel rooms have to be customised towards the individual guest. In 2018 we saw new high-tech solutions that went beyond in-room iPads and Wi-Fi access. The next big thing is smart rooms. Among others, Hilton will soon allow guests to adjust the room lightning and temperature directly from smartphones in order to create the most comfortable, personalised hotel experience. It benefits not only the guests due to the possibility of fast changes, but also the hotel staff, who get time released for other hotel tasks. Another upcoming trend acts around the hotels’ ability to create a greener profile that benefits both guests and hotels. And the water saving solution, Aguardio, can help with that. The solution guides hotel guests to reduce their water consumption in the shower, but furthermore helps the hotel with operational optimisation by measuring room humidity, temperature and shower time all to ensure a pleasant and environmentally friendly stay.

The future, optimised hotel generation individualise the stay and makes it fast and easy to customise the arrival and room and at the same time focus on how to live more sustainable. And in a time, where sustainable living is upon us and everything has to be done quick, the technological development in the industry might not be such a bad idea after all.