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Water is essential to life!

A quick shower here has the water running for 3:30 minutes.

The clock will pause if you turn the water off while soaping/using shampoo.

Will you beat the clock?

Water conservation starts with you. Make a difference!

Showering insights:

  • Big water & energy savings when you shower just 2-3 minutes shorter!
  • A household can often save 200–800 EUR per year.
  • Water consumption: A shower head typically has a flowrate of 12 litres of water per minute, but different types often vary between 8-20 litres per minute.
  • Save 20% water by pausing the water while using soap/shampoo.
  • Women on average have the water running shorter time than men! E.g. women are better at pausing the water when using soap! Who is smarter at showering?

    More insights and scientific results: